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Limberlost Diner newest business in downtown Geneva

When Geneva Chamber of Commerce executive director Pam Krause heard that a downtown “mom and pop” restaurant was going on the auction block, she was concerned about what was going to replace that need in her downtown. Thankfully, Scott and Tammy Hodle purchased the establishment and it has re-emerged as Limberlost Diner. Following purchase, Hodle and some friends took a couple of weeks to redecorate the inside and give it touches of their personal character, such as Native American plaques and a mounted deer secured by Scott that put a mark in the state record books. Tammy, who characterizes herself as a “Geneva person,” graduated from South Adams while Scott, who was raised outside of Monroe, graduated from Bellmont. They met through a mutual friend and were married on April 15, 1989 in Monroe. After Scott’s dad passed in 1991, they moved to English Mountain, Tennessee, just outside of Pigeon Forge, to be close to her grandparents. Scott, who had worked at F... Read More >