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SA looks at breaking up property - Berne Tri-Weekly News

SA looks at breaking up property

The South Adams School Board discussed the possibility of selling the former elementary school property in pieces during Tuesday evening’s school board meeting. The school’s real estate broker, Dave Stemen, approached superintendent Scott Litwiller about the possibility during a meeting discussing whether any serious inquiries to the property had been made. Stemen stated that there has been some interest but that most potential buyers are not interested in the entire 4.8 acres. Litwiller spoke with Berne’s building and planning director Shannon Smitley about what the zoning for the property would allow. Currently, the property is zoned C1P (planned commercial) because it is over four acres, which does not allow the property to be sold in smaller portions. The school has the option of asking the Planning Commission to rezone the property or asking the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) to grant the school a variance. Smitley recommended asking for a variance. He stated that he... Read More >