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Wet spring is hindering final crop planting

Lights in the fields on Thursday night were representative of the resolve of area farmers desiring to get the rest of the spring planting completed. After a good break in the weather in early May, a recent switch to rainy weather has put the skids on final sowing. Jeff Lehman, of Lehman Feed Mill, said that at least half of the soybeans are still waiting to be planted and probably 15 to 20 percent of the corn is yet to go into the ground. “There is such a variation around the county. Some places have received larger amounts of rain and other parts not nearly as much,” said Lehman. “The problem has been that there is just enough rain to keep things wet and then the cool weather recently hasn’t helped things out. “With predictions of more rain by late Sunday and early next week, I’m certain that all of the farmers that can get into the fields today, Saturday and maybe even part of Sunday will be out there,” said Lehman. “You don’t like to plant right before it rains... Read More >