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Dunbar demolition finally underway - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Dunbar demolition finally underway

After a long wait for final state approval, demolition of the old Dunbar building has begun. “They have started to tear down the building. The roof continues to collapse; it is really in bad shape,” said Berne Mayor Bill McKean at the Berne Council meeting on Monday night. In spite of the later start, original plans to complete the demolition and care for the street surrounding the project by the end of the year continue to be in place. In his mayoral report, McKean also pointed out that an engineering problem had occurred at the lagoon. “This was a Commonwealth problem and they are making it right at their own expense,” said McKean, who noted that the lagoon project is continuing to progress at a reasonable rate. Clerk/Treasurer Gwen Maller noted that the city needs to submit CEDIT plans to the auditor, simply to be received as an estimate. Maller said that some of the current outlets for CEDIT expenditures include $1,500 twice a year to the Bern... Read More >