Mayor makes new salary recommendations for city workers - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Mayor makes new salary recommendations for city workers

At Berne’s bi-monthly city meeting on Monday, Berne Mayor Bill McKean made his initial recommendations for salary raises for city employees. Those increases include $1,200 for full-time employees, $250 for city council members and $500 for the city attorney. In order for the recommendation to take effect, city solicitor Dave Baumgartner will be required to construct an ordinance for council to act. Due to the fact that Baumgartner is on vacation, council members placed consideration of the proposals for the July 25 meeting. Sharon Tester, director of the Adams County Council on Aging, was present to request a $100 increase toward the operation of the council for the next year. For the past year, city officials have given $3,300 towards the agency’s services in the local area. Council agreed to raise the contribution to $3,400 towards the non-profit organization’s continued service. Tester told council that the agency had just received a replacement mini... Read More >