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Crossing benefits from annual Berne-off - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Crossing benefits from annual Berne-off

Rev. Chris Kruchkow, who headed up this year’s Chamber of Commerce Berne-Off, said that approximately $1,200 was raised towards The Crossing as a result of this year’s event. Kruchkow said the amount is double last year’s first attempt at such a cook-off when $600 was raised towards Dots in Blue Water. “I was very pleased with this year’s event,” said Kruchkow. “It didn’t seem like there were that many more people than last year, but when we tabulated things, we had a good donation to the Crossing.” Tim Reyes, campus administrator for Crossing, said that students like to do community work and reach out to those around them. More than likely, this money will be invested in projects reaching back to the community. “These students really love to reach out to those around them,” said Reyes. “They love to give back to the community.” This year there were 10 recipients of recognition because of their cooking efforts. In the chicken category, Andy Wolverton pl... Read More >