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Fields Memorial Park relocated to new home

Fields Memorial Park, which had been located since 1973 on the south end of Geneva, is in the process of being re-established in its new home near the Snow Cemetery, just off the proposed South Adams Trail on the old railroad bed, and in a position to eventually be a part of a potential trail from the South Adams Trail to the Ceylon Covered Bridge. The portion from the end of the park to the bridge would come under the supervision of the Adams County Park System, said Randy Lehman, involved with South Adams Trails. Lehman said that part of the trail would be unpaved. A new paved trail has now been laid in the park, which surrounds the cemetery. The park had originally been named in honor of Charles Fields and his two sons, Harold and Ted, the latter which was killed in World War II. According to the Adams County History Book of 1979, Charles Fields had at one time planted some 12,000 trees in the area, including many evergreens. With plans developing for inco... Read More >