June goes out with rainfall of historic proportions - Berne Tri-Weekly News

June goes out with rainfall of historic proportions

Weather specialist Rick McCoy, Van Wert, said Tuesday that in his many years of weather service, including with Channel 15 in Fort Wayne, he had never seen a June that has touched this month in rainfall. McCoy noted that in Van Wert County, the city of Van Wert has measured 13.5 inches of rain for the month, and that is one of the lower totals in the county. Area-wide, McCoy said that parts of his county near Paulding County have received 17-18 inches, as has the southern part of his county. “In our area, a monthly total of 15 inches or more is not uncommon from Marion towards Portland, Adams County and Allen County,” said McCoy. “I have received some monthly totals as high as 18 inches, just incredible." “I wish I could be a bearer of good tidings and say that this is soon coming to an end, but I’m afraid the pattern doesn’t lend itself that way right now,” continued McCoy. McCoy noted that the extended forecast through July 13 is for below normal temperatu... Read More >