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West Nile Virus on the increase

Information from the State Department of Health passed through the county health office indicates that the heavy mosquito population this summer may be taking its toll in spreading disease such as West Nile Virus. Bryan Price, Senior Vector-Borne Epidemiologist from the Indiana Department of Health said that West Nile Virus transmission in mosquitoes continues to increase statewide, as 27 percent and 18 percent of specimens tested positive during the last two testing runs. Price said that the current run of warm, dry weather is once again increasing mosquito activity following a slowing down of activity during the chilly weather earlier this month. "Mosquitoes will be more active and a greater risk for biting and human disease will be present," said Price. "The potential of arboviral disease will be with us until the first hard freeze, usually in late October." Weather-wise, National Weather Service officials predicted that the warmer than normal weather cond... Read More >