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Judicial Center proposed location draws protests - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Judicial Center proposed location draws protests

The proposed location of the Adams County Judicial Center on Third Street in Decatur continues to meet with some resistance. The St. Mary’s Catholic Church, due to its daycare center’s proximity to the proposed location on Third Street and to the proposed parking lots on Fourth Street, have been running radio ads protesting the site. The parishioners are worried about contact between felons and school children and also worried about the increased traffic along Fourth Street. The St. Joseph Catholic School regularly blocks off Fourth Street for use by its students, and the St. Joseph gym is located across the street from the school and pupils cross the street to attend physical education classes. Kelly Ehinger, who is both the director of the Adams Public Library, and a Fourth Street resident, presented the commissioners with a petition, containing 700 signatures, which read, “We believe the overall safety of our children in our community to be of prime import... Read More >