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Make sure timing is right to begin planting - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Make sure timing is right to begin planting

With the spring calendar moving into the month of May, agricultural experts are becoming concerned there could be a temptation to become antsy about planting crops even though the soil may not be ready for proper germination and growth. Curtis Young, Ohio State University educational expert for Van Wert County, recently cautioned area farmers to judge by soil condition rather than the calendar in making a decision when to go into the fields. “Up until now, it has not been a good time,” said Young. “If we push to get in, we could do more damage than benefit. “If we go by the calendar, we tend to get down on ourselves,” Young said. “There’s no way that it has been a good time so far. It would have been a waste to go into the fields. We need to go when it’s appropriate. We can’t beat ourselves up.” Experts at Purdue University’s agronomy department have issued similar advice to Hoosier farmers. “There is no reason to rush out and do tillage and ruin soil,... Read More >