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Perfect weather draws large crowd for Swiss Days opening

“It doesn’t get any better than this,” said Brice Lehman, concerning Thursday evening’s beautiful weather which greeted the opening ceremonies of Swiss Days 2014. Lehman chided his wife, Jan, who works in the Chamber of Commerce office, for the blue skies and pleasant temperatures. “She has been literally praying for nice weather for this,” said Lehman. “With perfect weather like this, who could be a bad mood? Things are off to a great start.” Haley and Mitch Frank sat in the fresh grass on the south side of the Swiss Days tent and played with their daughter, Savannah. Like hundreds who attended the first night’s opening ceremonies, the Franks praised the family atmosphere cast by the Swiss Days activities. “It’s a great family time,” said Frank. “It’s great for our town; everybody gets together. It brings a lot of business to our town.” Madison Kloepper, a member of the Swiss Days court, said that she was overwhelmed when she stood on the stage during... Read More >