Swiss Days proves to be great for tourism - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Swiss Days proves to be great for tourism

Hundreds of visitors who took advantage of this past weekend’s good summer weather were full of questions as they came into the Berne community during Swiss Days. “Where is the car show,” “where is the quilt show,” “where is the music show,” “where is the sidewalk art” and “where is the best food” were all questions on the minds of visitors who were guided to Berne by the likes of the Swiss Clock Tower this past weekend. Adams County Economic Development Director Larry Macklin, who spent part of the weekend checking out the business exhibits and greeting people, said that the festival turned out to be a wonderful representation of economic and social success in the county. “This was another great and well presented event,” said Macklin. “It was an excellent tourism venue for Berne and Adams County. Congratulations to the community.” Former South Adams baseball athlete Mark Flueckiger, who played on state finalist teams in the 1980s, enjoyed coming back to Ber... Read More >