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Caution still on minds in Willshire area
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Caution still on minds in Willshire area - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Caution still on minds in Willshire area

Even though heavy rains are giving indications of subsiding, Willshire Mayor Amos Stauffer is not changing his town’s precautions without instruction from Van Wert County EMA director Rick McCoy these days. Even though the annual second hand sale and garage sales ran a successful event this past weekend, piles of sandbags could still be seen piled close to the river, behind downtown businesses and around houses where owners were threatened all spring by the second worst flood in recent history. “It (flood) changed everything for our town this summer,” said Stauffer. “It ruined our little festival we have at the middle of summer. We’ve had that festival for many years and this is the first time we ever had to cancel a parade.” “It was the second round of flooding that convinced me that the sandbags aren’t coming up for a long time,” said McCoy recently. “Even though the overall pattern has seemingly slacked, just last week Jay County had over three inches of rain in... Read More >