“Mysterious” cisterns have slowed down Dunbar demolition - Berne Tri-Weekly News

“Mysterious” cisterns have slowed down Dunbar demolition

The discovery of seven cisterns under the floor at the old Dunbar plant has slowed up the process of demolition, said Berne Mayor Bill McKean at Monday night’s Berne City Council meeting. Nevertheless, demolition of the old plant is still anticipated by March 1, barring any major weather interruptions, McKean said. The cisterns were discovered in the process of demolition and added an entirely new dimension to the process. McKean said that no one is certain, for sure, why the cisterns were there or what they were used for. “They are really old,” said McKean. “As a result, environmental officials required that the cisterns be filled with sawdust and then tested and retested for any issues.” McKean said that once the cisterns were discovered, everything was put on hold until proper procedures could take place. “Things are moving again. They have been able to work every day for the last two weeks,” said the mayor. “I believe that the plans now are to complete th... Read More >