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County unveils UAV Wednesday afternoon - Berne Tri-Weekly News

County unveils UAV Wednesday afternoon

Local officials and media representatives from around the area gathered in a field on the east side of Decatur on Wednesday afternoon to watch Adams County’s UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) perform a mission over Decatur. “I throw it up, it flies and it takes still photographs,” said Patterson. “We can use it for agriculture purposes and information about real estate. We can look for trees and actually see the leaves on the trees. “A lot of its time up will be used for assessment purposes,” added Patterson. Adams County Assessor Don Kuhn said that the UAV will be a valuable and much more economic asset to the assessment process. “With the new cyclical assessment, we need an aerial every year,” said Kuhn. Kuhn said that aerial assessments usually cost between $35,000 and $45,000, and that is on a yearly basis. The cost of the UAV is $32,000 on a one time basis and then won’t cost the county anything to do assessment scans. Adams County GIS Specialist... Read More >