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Crackdown possible on perpetual garage sales

If Berne officials enact legislation they are considering about garage sale regulations, it could be very costly to violate the stipulations the Berne City Council is considering. Much of Monday night's regular bi-monthly council meeting was spent sorting out thoughts concerning the current status of garage sales as versus an increasing number of complaints that city officials have been receiving. Berne Mayor Bill McKean said that calls have been coming into city hall concerning what is turning out to be perpetual yard sales in residential areas, parking problems created for close residences and clutter involved if the sales are not properly cleaned up. City Attorney Dave Baumgartner had drawn up a temporary ordinance for discussion. The ordinance states that "such sales, if continued indefinitely, tend to become retail businesses in residential areas and zones, create a nuisance and often violate the zoning regulations of the City of Berne." Council is consi... Read More >