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Gilbert outlines growth, importance of Community Corrections

Community Corrections is completing its seventh year of existence and Community Corrections Director Ian Gilbert outlined the growth and importance of his program for the Adams County Commissioners on Monday. Community Corrections provides the two Adams County judges with an alternative sentencing solution for non-violent offenders, and in doing so, frees up much needed space at the jail by constantly monitoring offenders, who are allowed to stay at home and attend work or school. It also provides monitoring for students who are suspended from school. The first year of Community Corrections, the program monitored 50 clients. The number fell a bit in 2009 to 47, but has been on the rise since, serving 115 clients in 2010, 132 in 2011, 146 in 2012, 173 in 2013, and 220 this year. Since its inception, the program has monitored 883 clients and saved the county 71,505 days of jail time. Gilbert, who looks after four other full-time, and two part-time staff members... Read More >