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Large turnout for Swiss Heritage Village season opening

Swiss Heritage Village officials were more than excited about a large crowd that turned out for Saturday’s season opening at Swiss Heritage Village. The event featured a large selection of trucks and emergency vehicles, plus opportunities for children to work on craft exhibits. The combination, plus food goodies, brought out a large number of families to the event. “This is really exciting, having this many people come,” commented the village’s executive director, Anita Miller. “I’m not sure that we planned to have this many come. I am so thankful for the response from those attending and the large number of volunteers that worked hard to make this so successful. All I can say is a big, ‘thanks,’ to everyone.” Several activities were going on within the opening events. Students from the South Adams baseball program planted trees that were donated by Paul and Marvel Zuercher. Those volunteers who represented businesses included Charles Lawrence, with wife Sheryl, f... Read More >