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Harvey addresses Rotary concerning drug use

Adams County Prosecuting Attorney Christopher Harvey told a group from the Berne business community on Thursday that if the problem of drugs and alcohol among young people was ever solved, he might be out of a job. “So much of my work involves drugs among young people and things pertaining to youth,” said Harvey. “It seems like everything pertaining to drugs and alcohol connects to young people.” Harvey said that the most prevalent abused drugs these days include methamphetamine, heroin and opiates (pain killers and morphine). The prosecutor said that the use of today’s drugs work in many ways like drugs such as marijuana, alcohol and nicotine. Usage tends to move the user up the latter. Harvey said that going to the internet for ways to make meth these days will draw a total of 4,450,000 hits. “These are all valid ways of making meth,” said Harvey. Harvey said that ingredients for making meth are quite simple to secure. They include pseudoephedrine (cr... Read More >