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Monroe 2015 budget presented at public hearing

Monroe Town Council president Al Lehman stated at a preliminary hearing for the 2015 proposed budget on Thursday evening that the new budget totals $429,630, an increase of $32,830 over the 2014 budget, up 8.27 percent. “The proposed revenue to meet the budget only totals $352,698, but that includes an increase of $72,228 property tax revenues from what we received in 2014,” said Lehman. Lehman stated that $71,461 of the increase is designated for the general fund and the motor vehicle highway fund. “The balance we will have in those two funds on Dec. 31, 2015, will only be enough to pay about half of our bills that will come due in 2016,” observed Lehman. “The amounts we have used to set the budgets are nothing more than revising a few line items to cover what we are pretty sure those items will cost in 2015,” Lehman said. “For example, we already know that the health insurance premiums for Marty and Justin Shaffer (two full time employees) went up, effectiv... Read More >