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Council moves some funding for street repairs - Berne Tri-Weekly News

Council moves some funding for street repairs

Berne City Council established funding at Monday’s bi-monthly meeting that could lay the foundation for future purchase of bigger ticket safety items. Several months ago, council agreed with other municipalities to unite funding local option income tax (LOIT) toward the building of a new county jail. In return, each municipality would receive a certain return of money to be appropriated as a public safety tax. Berne Clerk/Treasurer Gwen Maller said she anticipated it would be a year before that first for return would come to Berne. Instead, it has already arrived in the form of $140,000 return for a year’s time. “In order to be able to spend that, we have to appropriate it for fire, police or any other public safety cause,” said Maller. “This is a great way to fund bigger ticket items.” Maller further suggested that council consider releasing $100,000 from the police fund to the same fund. “We have some streets that really need to be paved right now,” said Ma... Read More >