Colts control their AFC South destiny

Authored by Stew Blake on Dec 14, 2012
Colts control their AFC South destiny

The Indianapolis Colts could win their eighth AFC South title on Dec. 30.
Got that? No? Yeah, I can’t believe it either.
In a season where “experts” were painting the Colts as one of the league’s worst teams, the Colts have done the unthinkable—they’ve won nine games.
But it doesn’t stop there. If the Colts win their next three games, they will win the AFC South. If you predicted this to happen, you are the next Nostradamus.
Ever since the great Peyton Manning left, the Colts have been the model of uncertainty. Or at least they appeared to be. The only thing that seemed clear was the selection of Andrew Luck.
Sure, Luck was a NFL-ready prospect from the moment he walked into the door, but he has done more than any No. 1 overall pick has ever done. He’s crushed records, led a handful of gut-wrenching comebacks and is likely on his way to the Pro Bowl.
Yes, Andy Luck has been as advertised and more.
No one expected the Colts to strike quarterback gold twice, but if this season is any indication, they have done exactly that. Indianapolis fans could potentially witness All-Pro quarterback play for more than two decades.
You hear that Dolphins fans? I had to.
But is the unbelievable play from a rookie stud the only reason for this truly unexpected success? No way. You’d be foolish to overlook the phenomenal job that Ryan Grigson has done in his first year.
Not only has he found a batch of young talent that could serve as the core of this roster, at least offensively, for years to come, but he also handpicked a staff that has absolutely been instrumental in the Colts’ success.
Starting with Chuck Pagano, Grigson assembled a top-notch staff from top to bottom. Bruce Arians is a testament to that. In the absence of a recovering Pagano, Arians has been the ultimate leader, starting with arguably the greatest win of the season versus Green Bay.
And let’s not forget about the tutelage of Luck by Arians. This is the same guy that worked with Super Bowl champions Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger.
When all is said and done, Arians could be Coach of the Year and he’s not even the head coach! And if the Colts do make the playoffs, I have no doubt that Grigson will secure his first Executive of the Year award.
The fans of the horseshoe simply could not have asked for a quicker and more satisfying turnaround. Fans wait years and years for this type of success, so if you’re finding reasons to complain about this team, just take a second and truly appreciate what they have done.
The collection of talent, on and off the field, in the remarkable turnaround of one season, is awe-inspiring. This is an organization that won two games in 2011. Two. And now they hold one of the league’s best records and could win their division.
The Colts are back.

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