Gillettes return to Swiss Days Race lead

Authored by Clint Anderson on Aug 2, 2010
Gillettes return to Swiss Days Race leadKara Seffernick of Berne

The Swiss Days Race king has returned…he’s just slowed a bit.
Justin Gillette, winner of five straight First Bank of Berne race titles from 2004-2009, reclaimed his throne on an ideal Saturday morning, posting a 16:05.8 winning time, a few seconds faster than his runner-up time of a year ago, but the slowest of any of his six winning times.
“I haven’t ran a hard 5K since Swiss Days of 2009 so it took a while to get the legs moving,” said Gillette, who took the lead on Sprunger Street during the first mile and never relinquished it. “Luckily I had enough, even with a slow time, to win.”
Gillette’s fastest Swiss Days Race ...

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