Irsay expects more from his team

Authored by Stew Blake on Aug 14, 2013
Irsay expects more from his team

With a completely reconstructed Indianapolis Colts franchise, expectations are higher than ever for the horseshoe faithful, and yes – that means even during the preseason.
After getting demolished 44-20 by Buffalo Bills in their preseason debut, many fans made their frustrations known regarding the Colts apparent lack of effort.
They weren’t alone, either.
Colts owner Jim Irsay, who is certainly no stranger to social media, took to Twitter on Monday to give an update on his feelings towards the preseason blunder.
“Many starters played briefly or were nursing little injuries,but it was a crap performance,my apologies/My commanders got n earful from me!”
And this is where the real “controversy” started.
Some were relieved to have an owner that consistently communicates with his team’s fans that he is not going to accept such a defeat, even it if a meaningless preseason game.
As for the others? Not so much.
In Irsay’s grammatically jumbled, yet crystal clear tweet, some found that he was perhaps too rough on his “commanders” far too quickly, and for what? After all, it’s just the preseason, right?
But hold your colts for a moment.
Let’s take a step back and think about what the preseason means to not us, as fans, but to the Indianapolis Colts and the other 31 teams of the NFL.
Firstly, all of these games, regardless of how boring, are a tune-up for the regular season. They’re also the ultimate platform for many players to prove they are worthy of a spot on the 53-man roster.
For the players on the outside looking in, these four meaningless games mean, well, a lot.
From first teamers to practice squad, a team’s goal in the preseason should be to get better. The problem for the Colts, at least in their first preseason game, is this: if you’re getting blown to smithereens, your team is hardly getting better.
That considered, it’s important to acknowledge the positives.
The first and second team offense, although not spectacular, looked like they knew what they were doing.
Andrew Luck moved the ball well, but a fumble by tight end Coby Fleener cost the ones a touchdown drive.
And despite an unfortunate tipped pass that resulted in an interception, Matt Hasselbeck looked sharp and comfortable with his new team, as did his connection with T.Y. Hilton on a beautiful 45-yard touchdown.
Kerwynn Williams, a seventh-round pick that we should all be excited about, displayed his versatility and ability to breakthrough to the second level with his quickness and grit.
So let’s try not to focus on the score too much. Let’s focus on the particulars, shall we?
The tackling on special teams was one of the most glaring and annoying negatives coming out of Sunday, and I’m sure Irsay took note, considering the Colts have struggled for years to overcome inept special teams play.
Chandler Harnish, the third quarterback on the depth chart, looked awful in the second half, as did his protection from the offensive line reserves.
Clearly, as you can see, it’s easy to take aim at the negatives.
However, the message Irsay was trying to send to fans via Twitter was not a sign of panic or disrespect to his general manager and coaching staff, but motivation in a time where the Colts are expected to be a true contender.
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