The Colts have new motivational trademark for 2013

Authored by Stew Blake on Jul 31, 2013
The Colts have new motivational trademark for 2013

Last year, training camp goers were thrilled when they discovered the Colts’ newest piece of apparel.
“Build the Monster” became a steady and brilliant signature for the Chuck Pagano era Colts, and if you believe in motivation, it, along with the emotionally driven “#Chuckstrong” social media craze, absolutely motivated this team to do remarkable things in what was dubbed as strictly a “rebuilding” year.
“Build the Monster” and “#Chuckstrong” will forever be remembered in Indianapolis. That’s inarguable. But heading into the 2013 season, the Colts have their hearts and minds set on one goal: Hoisting the Lombardi.
According to various pictures floating around the Interwebz, the Colts are donning a new motto that makes their mission clear: “Hoist It!” demands the shirt.
In other words, the monster has been built and it is now time to unleash it.
It may seem like your typical inspirational preseason news, as this is the goal of every team, every year.
However, let’s be real for a moment. In actuality, only a select group of teams actually have the goods to be a perennial contender. That’s not to say that a team can’t surprise everyone (remember the 2008 Arizona Cardinals?), but there’s no denying that expectations can be, well, limited in a year where you lose a franchise quarterback of 14 seasons, along with pretty much every signature Colt of the Peyton Manning era.
It’s also hard to think Super Bowl when you have a rookie quarterback, considering it has never been done before. 2012 may not have been a rebuilding year, but more so an initiation phase for a talented, but largely imperfect team.
Yet in 2013, things have gotten a little more, let’s just say, real.
Andrew Luck was truly brilliant as a rookie, leading the Colts to the playoffs and a ridiculous 11 win season. Just for reference, Peyton Manning’s last year, 2010, in which he actually donned a Colts uniform, the Colts struggled to win 10 games. So this year, we can only expect the rookie to get more involved in play calling and most likely take the necessary step towards the dreaded, but very realistic “elite” title.
However, after witnessing the inconsistent and sloppy defensive play, along with an offensive line that had as much of an identity as the Hollow Man, flashbacks of Peyton Manning carrying a mediocre team, year in and year out, started blooming before my eyes.
Things really weren’t the same, though, especially in upper management.
Colts general manager Ryan Grigson wasn’t afraid to take a legitimate look at improving his team via free agency. Some were worried Grigson would overspend, and you could argue that he actually did in free agency this year, but I also believe that he absolutely did what was necessary to upgrade a team that was a few pieces away from being a real contender.
I won’t go through the long and tiring list of improvements the Colts have made this offseason, but I will say this: If “Hoist It!” is to become a reality, and the Colts are to be world champions once again, this team is improving in all the right places to knock down that door.
In fact, they’re already knocking. Loudly.
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