You’re spoiled, Colts fans

Authored by Stew Blake on Jan 31, 2014
You’re spoiled, Colts fans

If you think the Colts second season under the Chuck Pagano-Ryan Grigson regime was a huge success, you’re not alone.
If you think the Colts second season was disappointing, you’re also not alone. Fans of the horseshoe are somewhat divided on the 2013 season, and it’s not surprising.
When you’ve been so used to winning for so long, championships are usually the only thing that can thoroughly satisfy those football cravings. It’s simple, really – you’re spoiled, Colts fans.
Spoiled because of the guy – you know who – that is currently preparing for his third Super Bowl appearance.
But if you can forget about winning a Super Bowl for a second, it’s fairly easy to see the last two seasons have been two giant leaps towards hoisting another Lombardi.
It’s never fun to remind yourself of just how bad this Colts team was without Peyton Manning, but it’s important not to forget. This team – not this team, but you get it – was 2-14 just two seasons ago.
That record was good enough to secure not only the best quarterback prospect to come out of a college in over a decade, but to forcibly push the unbelievably hard decision of moving on from the Manning era onto the desk of the one and only Jim Irsay.
Without delving too far into the topic for the 10,568th time, it’s still interesting to wonder the wondrous question that has crossed the mind of every Colts fan – “What if?”
What if Peyton Manning had stayed in Indianapolis?
It’s a question that can never be answered, at least not without a time machine, yet a question that some fans will endlessly ponder.
However, even the most fanatical Peyton Manning fan should be able admit that Manning is in a far better situation than he would have been had he stayed in Indianapolis. And after two years, the Colts are in a much better position than they were in.
Andrew Luck – yes, even despite his recent turnover struggles – has been everything Colts fans could’ve asked for when tackling the task of “replacing” the greatest quarterback of all time.
The offense, however, is still struggling to find a real identity.
As much as Pagano would like to see a power run effort from his team, this will be a passing team. Towards the end of the season, particularly in the playoffs, Luck was unleashed, much to the credit of Pep Hamilton.
No matter how you analyze this season, or last, Luck’s progression up the ranks of the quarterback ladder is the most exciting and promising aspect of this team.
The rest will fall into place. Yes, even a power run game.
Unfortunately, it’s still too early to say if Trent Richardson will be a part of the Colts two-headed monster hopes, but it’s not like there’s a sense of urgency. I mean, Grigson only gave up a first-round pick to acquire the so far lackluster services of Richardson.
I kid, but the most important thing to note from this season is this: the Colts have a franchise quarterback not named Peyton Manning.
You’re spoiled, Colts fans. Spoiled.


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