Former Bella Tower & Grille to open as The Berne Inn

Authored by Jim Langham on Jan 27, 2012

When Safgt Veseli moved to America from Macedonia, he did so looking for a new home for his wife and three children. He was drawn to the United States by other family members who moved to the Midwest and became involved in various restaurants around the region.
It was while he was visiting with relatives in the Montecello restaurant that he gained knowledge of the sale of the Bella Tower & Grille. When Veseli visited the Berne area for the first time, he immediately fell in love with the Swiss theme, the Clock Tower and the attractiveness of the community. He decided that if he could acquire the restaurant, it was where he would like to bring his family.
In the next few weeks, the former Bella Tower & Grille (originally Parkway) will reopen as, "The Berne Inn." The highest priority for Veseli is to have a comfortable family restaurant with a general menu oriented for eating enjoyment and warm fellowship.
"We will have a family menu for family eating," observed Veseli. "I will cook special according to what people would like. If there is something that someone would like to have prepared that is not on the menu, I will make it. If people have special requests, I will make it and offer it as a special dish."
Veseli said that in the keeping with the local tradition, he will offer homemade pie, desserts, soups, sandwiches, breakfast and various short orders as well as full meals. Although business hours haven't been established yet, he plans to be open daily, including Sunday.
Veseli will also be assisted by his brother, Matt Veseli. Currently, family members are managing restaurants in Rockville, Covington, Monticello and Rantoul, Illinois.
Veseli, who was born in Albania, was in professional restaurant business in Macedonia. His family is still in Macedonia, but as soon as he purchases a house in the Berne area, he plans to bring them to this community.
"I had family members in America; my brother lived here. They liked it so I decided to come over here, too," said Veseli. "I like it here because it is a free country; you can have successful business here. In my country, it is not as easy to have a business.
"I need to start the restaurant so that my family can move here," said Veseli, who has already acquired his United States citizenship. "I found the restaurant because I really like this town. I've told my family all about it. When I first saw it, I said, 'oh my gosh, this looks like Switzerland’.”
"This town is so clean; it looks so good, I really like it here," added Veseli.
Veseli attended Rotary on Thursday as a guest of Rotarian Amos Schwartz.
Schwartz said that Veseli told him that he was impressed with how welcome he felt at the local civic club.
"All of the members came up and welcomed him to the community," said Schwartz. "Different ones gave him their business cards. Right now he needs help from electricians and people who can help him with refrigeration. He's looking for a house to move to Berne."
Veseli said that he hopes to open the restaurant by the middle of February, but it might take a short time longer than that.
"I am eager to move here and get going," said Veseli. "I am eager to get my family here. I am happy about settling here."


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