Local man apprehended in connection with recent robberies

Authored by Jim Langham on Jul 20, 2012

Jim Newbold, detective/assistant chief of the Berne Police Department, said today that Nicholas A. Myers, of the Berne area, was apprehended on Thursday afternoon in connection with several recent robberies in the Berne area. Newbold noted that a juvenile, connected with other robberies in the area, had been arrested a few weeks ago.
"We have had quite a few burglaries that started back in May," said Newbold. "Some have been residential and some have been commercial/business.
"It hasn't been one person or group involved with all the burglaries; there are actually different people and different groups that have been involved. There have been a lot this summer. Two people are in jail already. Nick Myers was taken to the Adams County Jail yesterday."
Newbold praised his police department and "great support" from the Adams County Sheriff Department and Indiana State Police in assisting with the robberies. He noted that various matters concerning the rash of robberies are still under investigation.
The assistant chief cautioned area residents to leave their cars empty of any valuables and to be sure to lock them.
"Lock your houses, cars and businesses. It is still a deterrent," said Newbold. "There was a rash of vehicles and a residence broken into on Jefferson Street. Most of the vehicles were unlocked. Don't leave any valuables in the car."
Newbold said that those who discover that they have been burglarized should report it immediately. He noted that in some cases the police department has recovered valuables but no one reported them stolen.
"You need to report it right away," said Newbold.
Newbold stressed that those burglarized should call 911.
"Even if you hear strange noises and or sense something out of order around you, if something isn't right, call 911," emphasized the detective. "Some people said that they didn't call 911 because they didn't think that it was important enough. Other people have driven around town looking for us when they have a problem. Don't take the time to do that, call us right away so that we can help or check out the situation immediately."
Newbold noted that Myers was apprehended on the basis of enough physical evidence to do so.
The assistant chief continues to manage the police department in the absence of Chief Tim Taylor, whose son Nick was killed in Afghanistan earlier this week.


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