Moyer brings message to Berne community

Authored by Jim Langham on Jul 16, 2010

It was July 1 when Doug Moyer, a German teacher from Penndale Middle School in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, set his starting block at the Liberty Bell and headed out for a 3,000 mile trek across the United States.
Wednesday, Moyer ran into Berne and spent much of the day touring the city and telling of his enthusiasm for Global Disciples, a non-profit mission group that he is representing during his journey.
Moyer estimated that he will run 50 to 60 miles a day before arriving in San Francisco by the end of August. When he reaches the west coast, he will join 11 others who have completed the cross-country run in less than 60 days.
“I am basically following U.S. 30 and varying off of that,” Moyer said. “Today (Wednesday) I’m in Berne. I will continue westward through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and through California.
“The passion of all of this is the fact that two billion people, 29 percent of the world’s population, is unreached with the Gospel of Christ, and is earning less than one dollar a day,” continued Moyer. “Global Disciples is reaching to these people because they really care about them.”
The Global Disciples mission is to empower and train those in emerging economies with business skills, as well as the ability to share news of Jesus Christ. Those native to each region or village performs ministry and training, because it is believed that they understand local languages, cultures, and customs. Currently, more than 1,000 people are taking part in the training programs around the world.
“The reason we started at the Liberty Bell is because it represents freedom,” said Moyer. “Others around the world look to us and look up to our freedom and our dreams. The ultimate freedom is the freedom we share in Jesus Christ. Sharing that freedom is the ultimate goal of Global Disciples.”
Moyer is no stranger to cross country exercise. Two years ago, he rode his bike from Philadelphia to Seattle in 28 days with the mission of raising money for the Moyer Foundation.
Last September, at a Global Disciples dinner, he heard the challenge of the mission’s attempt to teach others to become economically sound, and to reach out with the message of Christ. He was impressed that Global Disciples is attempting to reach a portion of the world that is currently touched by only five percent of other missionary work.
It was then that he felt the call to become involved with the outreach.
“I thought, ‘what can I do to do my part in all of this,’” said Moyer. “I can’t dunk a basketball but I can run long distances. I said to myself, ‘what about the opportunity to run across America?’
“I thought, ‘this is a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and to raise money for Global Disciples,’” continued Moyer. “I’ve been running 50-60 miles a day; I’ve run through Lancaster, Gettysburg, Pittsburgh, Orrville, Ohio, and now here in Berne.”
“We’re thrilled to watch Doug’s journey unfold across our country, as well as thankful for his generous spirit,” said Galen Burkholder, executive director of Global Disciples.
“Ultimately, our goal is to raise awareness for our mission – both in our effort to partner with indigenous churches to spread the gospel, as well as making sure people around the world have a chance to learn about Jesus Christ.”
Those interested in supporting Global Disciples and their mission may text GLOBAL to 50555 to donate $10, which will automatically be charged to cell phone bills. Or visit, to learn more.
“I want to inspire all Americans to use their God-given abilities to make a positive difference,” said Moyer. “In my 14-year teaching career, I have had numerous international students from Egypt, Iran, Indonesia and China who have come to the United States and found religious freedom.
“Simply being offered the ability to choose to hear the good news of Jesus Christ is a gift. I’m happy to lend my feet in an effort to support the work of Global Disciples,” Moyer said.
To watch Moyer’s progress along his journey, supporters may turn to the mission web site for links to video diaries and updates.
Global Disciples is a non-profit organization working with churches in 44 countries around the world where Christian activity is restricted due to government and/or religious persecution.
Rather than training and sending western missionaries to work in those restricted areas, Global Disciples empowers clusters of churches in the region or from similar cultural groups to equip their own people to share the good news of Jesus.

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