Over 30 motorcyclists ride for Alzheimer’s Association

Authored by Jim Langham on Sep 20, 2013

Last Saturday’s sixth annual benefit ride for the Alzheimer’s Association was not only an enthusiastic event for local cyclers who gathered at Fear Powersports for the event, it was a special day for a Rockford, Ohio mother and son combination.
Delight and Mike Fox rode together for the first time in their lives in a benefit type of setting.
“I always wanted to take a ride like this with him; I loved it,” said Delight Fox. “I think it’s a great cause. I’ve known people who have Alzheimer’s. We need to do all that we can to help fight it.”
“It was a lot of fun, especially for her,” observed Mike Fox. “It put a smile on her face. It was her first poker run. I would give anything to experience something like this when I’m 70-years-old.
“It meant a whole lot to me to be able to ride with my mother,” continued Fox. “This doesn’t happen to many people.”
Thirty-four drivers took part in the fund-raiser. Lunch was served to riders and community supporters when the motorcycles returned.
“This is a very worthwhile cause,” commented Adams County resident Barry Humble. “It means a lot to participate in something like this.”
Swiss Village’s Donna Stout said that the local run is designed to dovetail with the following Saturday’s (Sept. 21) “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne.
“I work with people who have Alzheimer’s. I am very passionate about it,” said Stout. “I’ve had family members who have dealt with similar illnesses. I feel very strongly about this.”
“This is a great charity to drive for,” commented Stephanie Trausch of Berne. “People can relate to this because they have relatives who have Alzheimers. This is something that is very dear to my heart. I love to volunteer to help out.”
Julie Beer also feels passionate about Alzheimer’s because she also works in the Alzheimer’s unit at Swiss Village.
“You grow really close to them and their families,” said Beer. “Working with them is so rewarding. You never know when something is going to happen that really touches your heart.”
Former South Adams athletic director Steve Rhoades came back to Berne to participate in the event.
“They always really do a good job with this event,” said Rhoades. “I support a lot of causes, but this is especially meaningful to me.”
“I had a fellow Christian artist who had to come off the road because of Altzheimer’s,” said Dane Bailey. “This is really dear to my heart.”


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