SA board extends time frame for property sale

Authored by Manda Arnold on Sep 12, 2012

The South Adams School Board unanimously approved on Tuesday evening to extend the original due diligence period an additional 60 days, at no cost to CDI. In the original agreement, two extensions to the due diligence period may be purchased for an additional, non-refundable fee of $7,500. However, the amendment received by South Adams from CDI requested that the additional time be an extension to the original due diligence period and that no cost be incurred. They also stated that if they did not hear back from the school by Thursday, that the board should consider the letter as terminating the sale agreement. The board agreed to the extension because there would be no additional cost to South Adams at this time. They did agree, however, that if CDI required more time once the new November 12 deadline passes, that there would be cost involved to CDI.
The hearing for the 2013 budget was held during the regular school board meeting. No public was present, and no comments were made. The budget will be submitted to the school board for adoption during the regular school board meeting on Tuesday, October 9.
A report was given by superintendent Scott Litwiller on the Safe School Healthy Students Grant. The school is in the fifth and final year of the grant for Adams County. The grant covers four areas – school resource officer, mental health assistance through Life Matters, RISQ Suspension Center and the Student Assistant Program that provides a part-time high school nurse and a part-time high school guidance counselor.
An anonymous donation was made that will provide funding for the school resource officer and the Life Matters counseling program through June 2016. This means that the school will need to come up with funding for the RISQ program and the student assistance program.
The RISQ program is an all-county facility where students who have been suspended from school for a short period of time can go. The county committee is searching for funding sources to continue these services other than the schools’ general fund accounts. The cost for South Adams for these two programs is approximately $41,000.
Following this report, the school board unanimously approved the renewal of the annual School Resource Officer agreement between North Adams Schools, South Adams Schools, and the town of Geneva.
Litwiller also gave a report on the Crossing Alternative Program. The school currently has 19 students, three of which are from out of district. The Crossing is taking steps to form a community board, and Litwiller suggested that one board member serve as a liaison between both boards.
In personnel news, Litwiller recommended that the board approve a new part-time special ed teaching aide position to assist Lauriean Poindexter, an intense intervention teacher. Currently, Poindexter has 11 students who have intense special ed needs. She will be losing one student at the end of the year but will be gaining at least five more next school term. As South Adams is the central intense intervention program for the county, some of these students will come from other schools, and the cost for the addition aide will be partially reimbursed. The new position will start out at four hours a day. The board approved the new position, and Litwiller stated that if the position needed to be extended beyond part-time hours that he would bring it before the board.
The Examples of Excellence for September are the food service and cafeteria staff. Following a two-hour surprise inspection they received perfect score from the state health department, with not one single violation of the state code noted.


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