Several employees released from Milestone

Authored by Jim Langham on Mar 4, 2013

Shock waves are still passing through the dashed hopes and dreams of several Milestone Contractors, LLC, employees (formerly Lica Construction) after being informed late last week that their services would no longer be needed in the local area.
While company officials wouldn’t confirm or deny the exact figure of those being let go, employees said that there was 26 workers employed and 18 had been told that they would be losing their job.
Mark LeFever, a supervisor of the local group of workers, deferred any comments to head spokesman Mark Thompson at the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis.
Thompson, in the meantime, said that company officials are sorting out the market, but no final decisions have been made.
“We’re sorting out the market; we are looking into making adjustments,” said Thompson.
When asked if he could confirm whether or not statements concerning the local area losing 18 of 26 employees, he replied, “we’re working on that. We’re not sure how it’s going to sort out. We’re looking into that, but we’ve not made final decisions yet.”
However, employees who admitted to being informed their jobs were gone had a little different slant on it.
Kent Moore, of Urbana, Ohio, was at home when he received a call informing him that his services wouldn’t be needed anymore at the local plant.
“This came as a real shocker for everybody,” said Moore.
Moore spent Friday visiting with a close friend from Decatur who had retired from Lica several months ago.
“I came over here to spend some time,” observed Moore. “We are all really shell-shocked right now.
“I am 42 years old with three kids at home,” observed Moore. “I don’t know what I’m going to do for work now.”
Moore said that he lived in a camper in Amishville during the summer due to the length of the drive from Urbana to Berne.
“My wife and I were looking at houses in this area for the last year. We were thinking about moving over here,” said Moore.
Moore said that many employees who have lost their jobs feel betrayed because when Lica sold out to Milestone last summer, workers were assured that all personnel would stay in place.
“Mark (LeFever) supervisor in the local situation, said that he had just learned last Tuesday about the big move to starting shutting down workers,” said Moore. “They told me that they were going to be doing away with two crews, but would be retaining an asphalt crew.”
Late last fall, Aggregates, Inc., based out of Indianapolis, acquired Meshberger Brothers Stone Corp. In conjunction with that purchase, Milestone Contractors, LLC, also based out of Indianapolis, purchased Lica Construction.
At that time, Caleb Brown, spokesman, had said that both companies would continue to operate with the same personnel employed by the local firms.
“We are very excited about this acquisition,” Brown had said at the time. “We consider this purchase to be a great asset. We are very excited about working with all of the communities involved.”


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