South Adams celebrates another year of graduates

Authored by Manda Arnold on Jun 3, 2013

Pomp and Circumstance was played, speeches were given, diplomas were presented, tassels were turned, and silly string was sprayed as South Adams graduated 90 seniors from the class of 2013.
Jody Potts, class secretary, opened the commencement with prayer. Superintendent Scott Litwiller welcomed the families and friends of the graduating seniors and thanked the school board, the South Adams staff and personnel, and the parents of the students for each contribution made into the lives of the seniors.
Valedictorian for the class was Evan Liechty, and salutatorian was Megan Hreha. Hreha spoke of the their time as kindergarteners when they released their “I can’t” balloons. She compared the balloons to the students as they are filled and shaped with knowledge, skills, and life lessons. She noted that every balloon must deflate and encouraged her fellow students to make the most of the time they have.
Liechty reminisced about their time as classmates for the past 13 years. After clarifying that he was not calling his classmates weeds, he compared them to dandelions, that once they age turn white and are blown by the wind to other far off places.
Before presenting the diplomas, principal Trent Lehman noted some of the accomplishments of the class of 2013, including the winning cross country program, LJ Moser placing eighth in state wrestling, Corey Seffernick having batting average over .500 in baseball, the many awards and medals won by the music department in choir, band, and individual competition, and the high academic level of the students causing the high school to get its first ever 4-star rating. He also noted the high number of students who graduated with college courses already on their transcripts.
After the presentation of the diplomas, class treasurer Alexis Ford gave the benediction.
The class flower was the Forget-Me-Not. The class colors were black and gold. The class song was Thunderstruck by AC/DC. The Class of 2013 officers were Simon Sprunger, president; Chase Mosser, vice president; Jody Potts, secretary; and Alexis Ford, treasurer. Class sponsor was Myron Schwartz. The class motto was “Remember yesterday, dream for tomorrow, and live for today,” Albert Einstein.


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