South Adams discusses potential buyer for property

Authored by Jim Langham on Dec 14, 2011

South Adams School Superintendent Scott Litwiller told board members on Tuesday evening that he has had conversation with a potential buyer for the school property located at the intersection of U.S. 27 and Indiana 218.
"I have had contact with a national development individual who has intent of purchasing land owned by the school," Litwiller told board members at the monthly December meeting.
"He is confident that he can work with the school and the city to develop that land in a way that they can be proud of," said Litwiller.
Litwiller said that he is so confident the potential buyer has serious interest that he is recommending that the board approves updating the appraisal of the property immediately.
"I had a lengthy conversation with the developer on Friday. He assured me that his interest is very real," Litwiller said. "My recommendation is that we update the appraisal. It will cost about $1,200 to $1,300 to get that appraisal updated. I would like to see us have that done by Jan. 6."
Litwiller said that there is still plenty of work to be done such as establishing guidelines and procedures and publishing procedures.
Board members voted unanimously to authorize Litwiller to contact appraisers and get things rolling.
Dave Vorhees, in charge of building maintenance, told board members that state officials are asking for new rules for indoor air quality. Vorhees noted that he is serving as the indoor air coordinator for South Adams. He will be working with a state inspector to coordinate new rules in a way that is best for students, staff, parents and those who visit the local school building.
Vorhees said that local schools are responsible for meeting criteria for animals in schools, chemical policies and meeting specific numbers for the presence of carbon dioxide and outside air as it relates to the building.
"Fortunately, we already have this with our new equipment," said Vorhees. "It helps to keep high quality air, including proper carbon dioxide and humidity levels in the school."
"I would like to see the needed new policy recommendations come for a first reading to next month's meeting," said Litwiller.
Julie Mansfield asked Vorhees if there are any surprises in the new requirements.
Vorhees replied, "No, there were no surprises. I have been keeping records for this system for three years. I knew what to expect."
Technology director Myra Moore reported that there is one position in her department that currently needs filling. She also noted that preparation has begun for online ISTEP testing. Moore said that teachers are examining the research of benefits of having a one to one program.
Moore observed that she recently learned that Microsoft has a program that will considerably reduce the cost to schools. As a result, a program that would have cost the local school system $39,000 next summer will now only cost $14,000.
Litwiller discussed school board goals and referred the study as a "work in progress."
The superintendent listed five areas that are currently being evaluated as school board goals. They include:
1. Relationships between school and community.
2. Alignment of assessments from student learning.
3. Staff profession development plan.
4. Developing a five to 10 year facility plan.
5. Developing a marketing strategy for South Adams.
Litwiller told board members that he had researched the cost of property/liability insurance and worker's compensation contract. In his research, he discovered that currently, it would be cheaper to purchase the insurance from Bixler Insurance, who Litwiller said is $4,446 less than the competitor. Total cost of Bixler's plan is $95,349.
Council approved changing the contract.
Concerning personnel matters, board members received resignations from Jessica Rambo as technology assistant, Ashley Buckingham as head volleyball coach, Ryan Biegel as assistant track coach and Scott Steiner as assistant football coach. Nicole Grandlinard was hired as temporary student assistant.


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