Steps continue toward Zurcher construction project

Authored by Jim Langham on Dec 6, 2013

Monroe Council lawyer Jeremy Brown told council members on Thursday evening that a petition signed by Paul Zurcher requesting to vacate an alley in order to accommodate to an expansion project had been properly cared for.
Brown said that notices had been sent to adjoining landowners and his office had received cards indicating that a letter concerning the project had been delivered. He noted that notice of the petition had also been published on Nov. 22. Brown said that adjoining landowners had been invited to respond to the petition.
Adjoining landowners Wade and Kim Sheets were present at the meeting to ask questions concerning their access through the proposed vacated alley. Sue Zurcher, representing the company, said that it was “pretty unlikely” that there would ever be any construction that would interrupt their passage through the alley to their property.
Brown told the Wades that even if such a blockage would occur, they would be given their own easement and special passage rights for access to their property.
During the discussion, Zurcher also addressed concerns about flooding due to the construction project.
Zurcher noted that a system was being put into place for water to be collected so it wouldn’t drain away quickly. She said that it was her understanding that the new system should actually improve current flooding problems in the area.
At Brown’s recommendation, council passed an ordinance to be published concerning the matter. The lawyer commented that any affected person has 30 days to file a complaint to overturn the ordinance.
Council also passed legislation to initiate bids for the sale of the old fire station and town hall. Brown said that two professional appraisals had been received. Those interesting in placing bids on the property should turn them into Brown’s office in Decatur between Dec. 12 and 31. The property for sale is located at 102 S. Polk St. in Monroe.
There was considerable discussion concerning problems with the aging lift stations that have been service for 30 years.
“The system requires six pumps to remove household sewage to the lagoon in Berne,” said Council President Al Lehman. “There are a variety of ways to solve this.”
Lehman said that the biggest problem would be resolving the cost of fixing the problems. Council decided to table the matter until the January council meeting.
In other matters, Lehman noted that a new mailbox has been installed at the south end of the parking lot at the new town hall/fire station. He noted that those wanting to deposit utility payments could do so without getting out of their car.
Lehman also noted that the phone system at the new town hall had been installed. Those wishing to call the town hall should dial 260-692-6215.


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