Water line break repaired at South Adams

Authored by Jim Langham on Jan 10, 2014

A water line that broke in an outside wall at South Adams Schools sometime on Wednesday morning has been repaired, says South Adams School superintendent Scott Litwiller.
Litwiller said on Thursday that the water line, which went to an outside spigot, was located above the ceiling and affected two rooms.
The superintendent said that the pipe had frozen and then thawed, causing the break where the line started to go down the outside wall.
The line was a ¾ inch line and probably had ruptured about a half hour before it was found, according to maintenance personnel who worked to repair the line.
Damage occurred in two classrooms, said Litwiller. In one room only a few books were damaged, but in another room, four sections of book shelves were affected, as well as a printer, document camera and phone.
“Our own maintenance individuals and custodial staff were able to repair it,” said Litwiller. “They did a great job of repairing and drying out the room. There were teachers that came in and helped lay out papers to dry. It was good to see the way everyone came together to take care of this problem.”
Litwiller said that both classrooms are ready for occupancy, but the damaged equipment and books would need to be replaced.


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